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Special Educational Needs and Disability at Great Ouseburn primary School

Our approach

We recognise and celebrate that we are all different. For some children that means that they have additional needs, which may be physical or cognitive. We are also well aware that having SEND does not mean "low ability". We are committed to finding barriers to learning for all children and overcoming them so they can reach their potential.

However, as with any school, there are sometimes additional needs that are beyond our experience and skills. In these cases we gain support from the NYCC SEND provision, making referrals and working with outside agencies to provide specific support.

Where needs are significant, children may qualify for an Educational and Health Care Plan, which usually comes with additional funding to provide support. 

We have high expectations of the progress that all children will make, having SEND is not an excuse for poor progress. As such, we track children with SEND specifically to ensure that they are reaching their potential and closing gaps to their peers where possible.

SEND Policy and Report to Parents

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